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Friday, October 14, 2011

That's a wrap!

I know it was a surprise to my Aunt Kathy that this wasn't my first post for my blog. But it honestly didn't even cross my mind till I saw her comment, "Don't forget the wraps!" This is a simple dinner that I don't make too often but for awhile whenever I visited my family back in Carmel they requested..and then a call was made to Aunt Kathy to come on over cause, "Amy was making her wraps!" Of course wraps have become popular over the years, I started making these while working at a cafe in the Purdue Student Union. Not much required for this dinner! I made homemade, the not so healthy fries, for our side, not gaining any healthy dinner points tonight, but pretty sure every once in awhile that's OK!

Just a simple line up, some veggies, meat, cheese, a little mayonnaise, and tortilla shells.

I just buy the deli roast beef, and I try to get the rare roast beef. I don't know why but I was told this was rare, but there is no red in it at all. No big deal, but since I end up cooking it all up I don't like it to get real dry. Begin by slicing up the onion and pepper and put them in some butter to start to soften. Cut up the roast beef, I make the pieces small, again for little mouths to eat, but also it is nicer for anyone to just have bite size pieces so when you take a bite the whole piece of meat doesn't come out all at once. Add the meat to the pan and then some mayonnaise. While this is warming up slice the cheese into fourths.

Once the meat is combined and warmed up with the veggies, place about 4 slices of cheese down the center of a tortilla shell. I usually put two at a time on a cookie sheet.

Place the tortilla shells in the oven and let the cheese begin to melt. This is something you have to keep an eye on, because if you leave the shells in for too long, they start to get very crispy. Once the cheese looks like it is melting, it is time to pull it out, once you have the meat on the cheese, it will finish melting. Put the meat on the cheese and begin to wrap! I start on one of the long sides and make my way around, and then the last fold I turn it over and place it on a plate. It's not much, but it is very delicious!

Roast Beef Wraps
serves 4

1 lb. Deli Roast Beef
4 slices Provolone Cheese sliced into fourths
1 Red Bell Pepper or you could use a yellow or green bell pepper sliced into strips
Burrito Size Tortilla Shells
1 TBLS. Butter
1-2 TBLS. Mayonnaise

Place butter in a pan and melt. Place sliced onion and peppers and begin to cook over low heat to soften. Preheat oven to warm or about 250 degrees. Add meat to the pan and heat through. Add the mayonnaise. Place about four of the cheese slices down the center of the tortilla shell and put in the oven for approximately 5 minutes, again, not for too long so keep an eye on it. Take out and spread some of the meat mixture down over the cheese. Beginning on one side start to fold over and continue in a clockwise direction.


  1. Thanks Amy! This dinner is a regular staple at our house....especially during softball season when getting out the door quickly is our top priority! And yes ....should have been 1st entry!....doing a great job with the it!!!!

  2. Made this the other night- this is my go-to meal when I've racked my brain for something easy... yes, I said easy. If I say it's easy, it's EASY! (I consider grilled cheese difficult!) Amy taught me how to make this when I was a junior in college. The result? While everyone else was living on raman noodles, I was living the "high life" on roast beef wraps :)

  3. These look good...feeding swimmers all these years, I found that they will pretty much eat anything presented in a wrap...I could empty out my refrigerator of dibs and drabs by assembling it all in a Wraps are very popular with the swim crowd. That said, I have never once received a call that you are in town making wraps and I live just a short couple of blocks away from that location, so I am hoping next time these are around, I get a call to give them a try. I can bring a side item or dessert. Seriously, this combination looks delicious. Going to pass this along to Matt when he moves from dorm to house next year at IU.