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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Peer Pressure at 32 years old!

That's right! Just when I thought I could resist it as I enter my 30's. I will still be saying, "entering my 30's" even when I turn 39 in seven years. About myself, some days I feel like I should be waking up and heading to class at Purdue University, or perhaps having every intention on heading to class...then I roll over and see my 3 year old son and realize where I really am. Every morning around 7 I get my first visitor. Soon often followed by my almost 5 year old daughter. Jack and Grace keep me on my toes and make my life what I believe it is supposed to be about. I love to cook. Always have, and recently fell into the baking world as well. I love that my husband works with some pretty special guys who are always seemingly willing to take whatever I hand him in the morning to test out and try. It saves me from over indulging and sometimes if I beg enough, I can get some feedback! I will try to do my best and hopefully as I get more used to this my writing gets better along the way! I hope that my sister Katy, who could be considered a major influence in this blog, finds some help when making her menu plan out. She gets all the credit for my blog name. It only took her 2 weeks to come up with it! So here goes!!!!


  1. I am so proud of you....congratulations!!!! Just for the record....i have mentioned many times that you should have a blog......don't forget Amy's wraps.....very popular here in tucson!!!

  2. Btw, I found your blog after your mother's guidance, i.e. providing me the address for the blog, She: "It's called Hungry Hungry House." Me: "Blogspot, Wordpress, Typepad?" She: "Geez, like I would know that." lol I guess Blogspot and got it right on the first try. When we parted at lunch I told her I was going to buy Christmas cards, xerox the Christmas letter, and get on that this afternoon. Instead I have been reading your blog and leaving you a few notes here and there. I put you in my blogroll so I don't have to read 56 at a time from now on. Great blog, looking forward to more posts. And more photos of your sous chefs thrown in there as well. :-)