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Friday, March 9, 2012

Rainbow Cupcakes

I don't necessarily have a recipe for these, as I used the help of a box mix to make these. I did however add a box of instant pudding to the cupcake mix when I was mixing the batter. I ended up with about 16 cupcakes, so next time if I do this method with a box cake mix, I will double the recipe so I can get more cupcakes. I divided the batter into five smaller bowls, I had five colors I wanted to use.
Starting with the blue, I added a layer of the blue batter, followed by the green, yellow, orange, and then red at the top. You only need a thin layer of each color, any more and you will be better only putting three colors in each liner. Once cooled I used my favorite cream cheese butter cream recipe and added some white gel coloring to make the frosting a bright white. I looked for some gold sprinkles, but settled for a tube of gold gel icing and just made little dots to try and get the end of the rainbow cloud/pot of gold effect.

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  1. Very cute and the kids just loved are such a fun mommy!