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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chicken Fajitas the EASY way!

These are amazing!! Found the idea from Holly over at Life as a Lofthouse and I am so glad I tried them right away. This is just a suggestion, no real recipe to go with this one! I started with 3 skinless, boneless chicken breast. If you follow along, you know I like to cut my chicken up pretty small..cooks faster and easier for my little mouths to eat and chew up! Slice up an onion and green pepper, throw them in a gallon size zip lock bag.
 Pour in a bottle this new marinade from Lawry's. Love it. I started this first thing in the morning, I like to let it marinade all day long. 
When your ready, heat up about a TBLS of oil in a skillet. When ready, put in the chicken, onion and pepper mixture in the skillet and cook till chicken is no longer pink. 
Using some soft taco size shells, I put the chicken in a shell with some shredded cheese, rolled up and placed on my indoor grill pan to warm them through. I enjoyed this method of cooking the chicken. I have done fajitas before, where you cook the veggies, remove them, cook the chicken, then add them all back in...but from here on out, this will be the way it is done in our house. Easy and taste great!
The next day for lunch the kids and I used the leftover chicken to make this amazing salad! I warmed up the chicken and put it on top of some iceburg and Romain lettuce. Threw on some cheese, cilantro and sour cream. It was eaten as well as the fajitas the night before. 

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  1. As i talked with you on the phone....tried the recipe with sirloin...delicious and thumbs up from everyone. As Betsy said...that Amy has never let us down!!! And so easy!!!! LOVE your blog and love you!