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Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Basics!

I almost didn't want to even post this as an actual recipe on here, but it is a great dinner and even if it just reminds you to make your own it is worth it! This is my daughters absolute favorite meal. She had 2 birthday party dinners this year and for both of them she requested TACO SALAD! She had family day at school last week, someone asked her what her favorite meal was, and again, TACO SALAD. She loves to load the sour cream on the top..definitely my daughter! Although sometimes I am able to get Jack to have salad, he usually opts for the taco like his dad. I could easily make this once a week! A lot of recipes call for beans or corn, but we like it simple and Grace and I are NOT fans of beans so here is the line up for our taco salad!
Brown your beef and make taco meat according to packet directions. While that is going get your lettuce washed, I use romaine hearts, I like the added crunch and I think it stands up well to the creamy dressings in this salad. Grace is hands down a ranch dressing queen. She uses it for almost everything, however in this salad she loves the mix of the 1,000 island and the creamy french. I use diced tomatoes, cheese, green onions, sour cream, and then of course some Frito's! I just add equal parts of the dressings and coat the lettuce, I mix in the cheese, tomatoes and green onions. Then place into bowls and place the taco meat, sour cream and Frito's on top.
This is so good, just looking at the picture makes me want to make it again tonight! Grace is still trying to understand why mom is always snapping pictures of food and then gets into it and asks for her picture to be taken with the this is her with her big 'ol bite of taco salad! And yes, that bite looks enormous, however like I said, this is hands down her favorite so no bite is too big for this girl!


  1. Great looking bite of Taco Salad!

  2. Jackson said - Hey Grace! That's a huge bite!

  3. Looks good...with or without beans, right? Matt will eat beans in a Mexican food, but picks them out of everything else. I had to laugh at Grace's comment because the guys always go, "Is this ready to eat or do you need to photo it for the blog first?" As a joke, Matt once said it when sitting down to a bowl of cereal. :-) My photo card is constantly full of food photos that I have to delete before I can take any family's addicting.